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Enerco Renovables is represented in the solar roof sector via Cubierta Solar Fotovoltaica, a company of the group dedicated to the promotion of solar roofs.
Cubierta Solar allows for making investments in highly profitable photovoltaic roofed areas, making it a safe and guaranteed investment. You can opt for acquiring an entire installation, or just part of one, depending on the option that is most attractive to you and best suited to your needs.

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In the same way, we can offer to make your roof affordable through its rental, with a 25-year contract that guarantees an annual rental income.
This rent is a percentage of the production of the plant installed in the roof, and will depend on its location, given that the plant's production obviously depends on the area's radiation. Should the roof be in poor condition, we can study the possibility of changing it without any cost to you.

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