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Enerco Renovables is a distributor for solar energy products and components for photovoltaic solar energy installations, both for grid connection and off-grid systems, and is part of the German Group KEE GmbH. Our German parent company, although known under other names in the past, initially started its business activity in 1989 as one of the pioneering companies in photovoltaic solar energy in Germany.

The vast experience of KEE GmbH in the solar sector, both in the distribution of photovoltaic panels and turn-key projects, particularly in roofs, has enabled Enerco Renovables to quickly position itself as one of the leading companies in the solar market in Spain. It is from here where we supply other markets such as those in Portugal and Italy, and we have recently started business in Latin America and Africa.

By following in the footsteps of our parent company, Enerco Renovables bases its corporate philosophy on quality, customer satisfaction, excellence and, above all, to work in harmony with the environment.

In order to offer our customers the best products in the solar sector, we only work with renowned manufacturers, leading brands who comply with the most demanding manufacturing standards and who are the holders of all international guarantees and certifications.

Our aim is to help our clients to access solar energy. Our client portfolio includes a wide range of professionals who range from engineering firms, construction companies, architecture studios and wholesalers, to system integrators and end users.

The high quality of the products we work with will guarantee the optimum performance of your solar installations. We collaborate with engineering firms who are able to provide you with technical advice and execute your projects with the highest standards in quality.


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